Data Management Strategy

– Perform Data Maturity Assessment

– Establish Data Governance Program

– Implement Metadata Management Framework

– Define Data Quality Management Framework

– Establish Master Data Management Framework

Data Architecture and Design

– Establish Design Integrated Data Architecture 

– Define Integrated Data Model

– Define Data Architecture Policies and Patterns

– Build  Data Integration Processes and Services

– Implement Data Security Protocols

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

– Implement Enhanced Shared Data and Analytics Enabled Business Capabilities 

Define and Build Data Marts

– Establish “Gold Standards” for Supporting Capabilities

– Drive data adoption across different business capabilities and stakeholders

data solutions

data engineering together with data analytics are a part of the team effort that transforms raw data in ways that provides enterprises with a competitive edge.  Data team at adroitts are curious, skilled problem-solvers who love both data and building things that are useful for others.

Why Invest in Data?

Data investment is only poised to drastically increase over the next few years, as the major business benefits offered by data are difficult to ignore. The value of investing in data, as it offers numerous benefits such as targeted marketing, streamlined processes, enhanced customer experiences, etc.

Identifying Market Trends

Analyzing huge sets of data will reveal the changes in customer preferences, social behaviors, purchasing patterns, customer needs, and various other important market trends


Forecasting Risks

Forecasting future risks which might hinder the business and using those findings to improve business strategies will help organizations to efficiently mitigate risks

Optimizing Operations

Organizations can use data to improve internal operations by finding gaps in businesses processes, identifying time-consuming duties, and detecting ineffective procedures

Better Business Decisions

Investors can easily spot business trends with the help of data and make better investment decisions by investing in areas, which a traditional method would never let you know

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