IAM Services

IAM is a critical part of any enterprise security plan. It is entangled to the security and productivity of organizations. Compromised user credentials can act as an entry point into an organization’s network and its information resources. IAM systems safeguard information assets of organizations against the rising threats of cyber attacks.

IAM enables users to be more productive by securing their digital identity in a variety of environments, so the users can utilize the technology resources while working from home, the office, or on the road.

In many institutions, users tend to have more access privileges than necessary. A strong IAM system adds an important layer of protection by applying a consistent group of “user access rules and policies” across an institution.

IAM can increase business productivity. The central management capabilities reduce the intricacy and cost of safeguarding user credentials and access. 

IAM impacts everyone in an organization from employees to contractors/vendors to privileged IT users to customer base (in our case, constituents). A successful IAM program provides many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced security, as managing users identities is core to access controls and policies, which results in reduced risk of breaches
  • Single sign on (one digital identity per individual allows one to access all systems/applications with a unique log in / password), improving the user experience
  • Increased productivity across functions within an organization (e.g., HR, digital, security, application development), resulting in reduced overhead and improved user experience (as distinct business processes become more seamless and integrated)
  • Decreased number of calls to IT support regarding password resets, resulting in significant cost savings.


SecDevOps  is the process of integrating secure development best practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes which DevOps makes possible, it’s like security at speed by implanting secure coding deep in the heart of their DevOps development and deployment processes. In a world where code changes frequently, attack surfaces and risk profiles can change just as quickly and with SecDevOps which bakes security directly into development and production workflows

SecDevOps consists of two distinct parts:

  1. Security as Code (SaC) – Automation of building of security into the tools that exist in the DevOps pipeline
  2. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) – Standards followed by set of DevOps tools used to setup and update infrastructure components. With IaC, if a system has a problem, it is disintegrated, and a new one (or two) are created to fill the spot


SIEM makes your work easier by collecting log data and security incidents from various parts of the system. A log is a record left behind by each activity performed by the application or the operating system.

A blend of real-time collection and analysis of security alerts and correlation of events to deduce it to detect incidents and malicious patterns of behaviors

  • Reveals potential known and unknown threats 
  • Monitors the activities of authorized users and their privileged access to various resources 
  • Compiles a regular report 
  • Backs up incident response (IR)

Why Invest in IAM Services?

Adroitts’ Managed Services provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for running their Oracle workloads on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). By leveraging Adroitts’ Managed Services, businesses can benefit in a number of ways

IAM Assessment

Adroitts can help evaluates your existing environment and delivers recommendations as well as an action plan to meet business priorities and IT requirements for project scope, timing, and budget.


IAM Solution Implementation

Adroitts delivers a configurable implementation with greater flexibility in scope and scale to meet your specific needs.

IAM Optimization Services

Adroitts objectively evaluates product usage and alignment to best practices and implements cross-solution integration and automation that extends value of your solution.

IAM Consulting Services

Adroitts services include pragmatic, flexible solutions that address the adoption lifecycle designed to help provide enterprises and service providers the agility and operational benefits.

Are You Looking Dive Into IAM Services?