Unified Data Analytics Platform

Adroit Report is an interactive software-based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, and personal knowledge, or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.


Blockchain based Identity Verification app “YOORZ” that is available in both IOS & Android. The platform has been designed to create a personal security (identity) layer that follows you across all of your web activity; and designed to naturally augment virtually all of your online (social and transactional) activity.

Data Profiler

Data Profiling Utility that scans through  files and generates column level and detailed data level profiling results in a text file. The output file consisting of the Data Profiling results will be used to Quality Check.


 RoboRest is developed to support every phase of DevOps cycle with its easy handlers to integrate in a script or Jenkins job. Each engine can run on a container to give you further flexibility on setup.





YangD is a network management solution which can reside on any managed element, and provides configuration management for that device. YangD supports standardized interfaces including CLI, NETCONF, WebUI and SNMP.


Intuitive Testing framework that can be catered for enterprise testing needs. The framework can be customized with components that can exclusively target the type of testing required based on the project needs.


Demystify data security, privacy & compliance and make it easy for everyone.
Anyone, with any skill level can implement data level protection and compliance right away. Enabling data protection by design and default along with the six magic elements is hard for most organizations as it takes a lot of time, resources, cost and diverts the companies focus away from their primary business.


Protect your data in transit and at rest. Intact is not just an encryption tool. Provide off-the-shelf protection against a wide range of cyber-attacks such as but not limited to: Bluetooth Low-energy Spoofing Attacks, Relay Attacks, Replay Attacks, Side Channel Attacks, MITM Attacks, Brute Force Attacks, Denial of Service Attacks, Cross Site Scripting Attacks, Internal Threats and more.


A trusted channel to protect communications between IOT devices, gateways or remote management against DDOS or MITM attacks. Our product has been trusted by many sources and have been used by leading Audio Visual company

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Products & tools offers major advantages, in terms of return of capital and conservation of internal IT resources.

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